Posted by: kzaitzruns | April 3, 2011

My first real blog…

Want to take a few minutes to thank my newest sponsor, Native Eyewear.  I ran my two and a half hour long run today in my new Native glasses.  I’m having fun trying out the new pairs and today I decided on the Native Sprint.  Awesome glasses!  They worked very well with the weather today.  It was sunny and then it was cloudy, this went on for the entire run.  It even dropped a few rain drops on us toward the end.  The Sprint’s, with their bronze reflex lenses faired well to the changes and they were so light and comfortable.  Hope to have some pictures of me running in my new glasses very soon!  Thank you Native. 

 As for the long run, it was good to have company.  One of my teammates, Danielle Quatrochi, ran with me and we were lucky enough to have our coach and my husband biking next to us with all of our nutrition!  We have it good!  I’ve been battling a bad cold and it was nice to get off of the couch and back to running.  It kept me out a few days during the past week, but as often is the case… rest can do the body good! 

I will write again soon so you can follow my journey to the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials (and beyond)…  Since this is my first blog, I would like to extend a thanks to all of my sponsors:  Mizuno (as most of you know, but for those of you who don’t, I signed with Mizuno after the Houston Marathon this past January.  I am very excited to represent them), Native Eyewear, First Endurance, Nuun, and NormaTec! My sponsors and support team, along with my fans are the reason I started this website.   I hope you enjoy…

Until next time…



  1. Great Website!! Keep it up!!! You are doing awesome!

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