Posted by: kzaitzruns | April 24, 2011

“God Grant Me the Serenity…”

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”  This saying, which, hangs around my neck on a pendant my mom gave me years ago, has helped me have a very solid and strong week of training.  In my first week of a three week build-up, I ran 121 miles with many strong runs.  The beginning of the week was a bit of a struggle, mentally and physically.  My left foot and shin needed much care from Lori Hayne, my physical therapist at Alta.  Fitting into a size 8 at the Mizuno photo shoot was not the best idea… but I could only move forward and the experience in Atlanta was a wonderful one that I would not change.  After seeing her three times in one week, I now feel back to my “old” self; strong and powerful. 

Wednesday’s workout I set limits on myself but it made me change my attitude going into Saturday’s run.  While the workout wasn’t my best, it certainly wasn’t bad and it taught me many good lessons to use in future training and racing.  I arrived at Bobolink Saturday morning to warm-up and the snow had already started to fall.  April 23rd and snow!  I wanted to get frustrated and then I felt the charm on my neck bouncing up and down.  It reminded me that the weather I could not control.  I could either fight it and have a bad workout, or accept it and have a great workout.  I decided to go with the latter.  It presented itself in a 60 minute tempo with surges up the hills of Cherryvale in Boulder in 5:58 pace.  As the snow came down harder and my Native glasses had to be handed off to my coach in his SUV for a wipe down, I ran relaxed and very much in control.  Cruising to just over 10 miles and 5:58 pace I ended up enjoying the weather.  My heart rate even confirmed how relaxed I was running.  I came back today with a 2:15/20-miler, again relaxed and in control. 

While I realize it doesn’t matter how well training goes if you are unable to carry it into a race, I believe in the direction I’m headed both physically and mentally.  I remind myself everyday to live by the serenity prayer.  I used to live by it in high school and lost touch with it.  Thanks to Dr. Stephan Walker, I’m back to focusing on it, and it in turns allows me to focus on all the right things!  May I always feel the pendant upon my chest and remember it’s powerful meaning.

Until next time…


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