Posted by: kzaitzruns | October 3, 2011

US 10-mile Championships

I will blog soon when I get a bit more time, but I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me and encouraged me through not only the good times, but the bad.  While I have struggled to come back from an injury that occurred in early June, I finally feel like yesterday I made positive strides forward in the right direction.  While my workouts have been going very well, I knew that didn’t matter if I couldn’t put it together in a race.  Yesterday I ran to a 10th place finish in a time of 55:39 (25 seconds faster than last year on that same course).  All in all I was pleased with the race, the field was very strong and I got a chance to really compete out there!  Thank you to all my amazing sponsors: Mizuno, Native Eyewear, First Endurance, Nuun, and NormaTec!  I also want to thank Paul Turley (Turley’s restaurant) and Pat Guyton of Pat Guyton Pilates for their amazing support as I chase my dreams!  Until next time…


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