Posted by: kzaitzruns | March 19, 2012

Race Results…

My first race back after the Olympic Trials was the Gate River Run/ US 15k in Jacksonville, Florida.  While it wasn’t a great day for me, I managed to finish 15th in 53:17.

The start line of the 2012 Gate River Run/ US 15k

I came back the following weekend and used a track meet at Potts Field as a workout.  I jumped into the 3k, one of the only athletes not wearing spikes (I opted for my Mizuno Ronins).  Not having run a track race in over 7 years, I managed to run to 2nd place (after being ranked 3rd) and running 10:03 before finishing the workout off the track with 3 x 800 a tad faster than my 3k race pace.  Here are some pics from the track meet.  What a fun way to do a workout!

                   Here I’m in 3rd place which is where I ran for the first 5 laps.


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