Posted by: kzaitzruns | May 31, 2012

It’s been too long…

Since the last time I posted a blog, I have run the US 25k championships and the Bolder Boulder 10k citizens race.

While the US 25k didn’t go as well as expected, I still managed to eek out a 9th place finish while running a 46 second PR.  After the race I wondered why I felt so fatigued during the race at paces slower than I was training at.  I was consistently tired the week leading up to the race, but I blamed it on the stress of closing on a new home and moving, which, my husband I were doing the weekend after the US 25k.  Bloodwork showed, low ferritin.  It reiterates the importance of all the little things.

Next stop… Bolder Boulder 10k!  Such a great chance to race a local race that is super competitive and fun!  I was excited because instead of doing a tempo by myself, I got to use this race as a workout.  Much easier to do a workout in a race situation!  I didn’t back off my training for the Bolder Boulder, but was still able to run 35:08, good enough for 2nd place (I just missed 1st by 1.5 seconds, ouch!)  Nuta Olaru finished first, holding onto her lead the entire way.  Great race Nuta!

Below are some pictures from the Bolder Boulder!  Proud to represent Mizuno and Native!  Thank you to all my sponsors for the endless support!

Finishing in Folsom Field stadium at the 2012 Bolder Boulder 10k

Trying to catch 1st place!

1.5 seconds between me and first place! Oh so close!


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