Posted by: kzaitzruns | September 13, 2012

Running in the Rain…

Yesterday Colorado got some much needed rain.  I’m not sure the last time it rained here, but it was way too long ago!  Being from Ohio, I crave rain.  Not the five days in a row of rain that Ohioans are used to, but a day or two is just fine by me.

Many people asked me today if I ran on the treadmill yesterday.  My answer to them was, “No I did not!”  Instead I embraced the rain.  I put on my winter Mizuno gear and decided to brave the conditions and while braving them, enjoying them as well.  It was not only rainy, but a bit cold… perfect in my eyes.  While I wouldn’t choose to do a fast training session in the cold rain, it’s perfect for easy runs.  It’s nostalgic, bringing me back to childhood and wanting to play out in the rain.  How many adults do you know these days that actually want to go “play” out in the rain?  None that I know (unless they are runners)!  I got that oppportunity yesterday to be a kid again, splashing through puddles as I ran my way through the streets and trails of Broomfield.  Midway through my run I could hear my feet squishing in my shoes and probably looked like a wet dog, but I didn’t care!  The rain was so refreshing to not only my skin and the air, but also to my soul!  If you ever feel the need to go back to childhood and those days of playing in the rain, I’d say running in the rain is your perfect excuse!

It was for me!

Until next time…


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