Posted by: kzaitzruns | October 25, 2012

Way too long…

My apologies to my family, friends, and fans for not updating my blog sooner!  I raced October 7th and 8th and should have posted the results much sooner.  I could use the excuse that I’ve been marathon training but my coach doesn’t accept excuses, so we’ll just say I got lazy!

A lot of people thought I was crazy doing back-to-back races (the US 10 mile in Minneapolis followed by the US 10k in Boston the next day) but my coach and I knew I was capable of pulling off two solid races.  I won’t go on and on about the races, rather I’ll give you the results:  7th at the US 10 mile (Medtronic TC 10 mile) in a personal best time of 54:55 and 11th at the US 10k (Tufts 10k) in another personal best time of 33:27.  That time would in previous years placed me in the top 5.  Last year my time of 34:36 placed me 9th!  The competition proved to be fierce, but pushed me to better myself and run another strong race on tired legs. 

It was a great way to start my marathon training!  Once again, I need to thank my main sponsors:  Mizuno, First Endurance, and Native Eyewear for making it possible to chase my dreams!  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to better myself everyday in the sport that I love. 

More important than race results is inspiring others.  After a workout on the treadmill the other day (a very long and fast workout), a woman who had been running behind me approached me in the locker room.  She told me how much I inspired her and that she pretended she was running as fast I was to motivate herself through her run.  That makes all the days out on the trails, on the roads, and in the gym even more worthwhile.  Of course my goal as a professional runner is to reach my goals but inspiring people is just as important.  It’s nice to know I can do that by doing what I love the best I can!  I will continue to chase my dreams, reach my goals, and hopefully inspire others along the way!

Until next time…

For interviews from the US 10 mile and 10k go to:


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