Posted by: kzaitzruns | March 13, 2013

On the Road Again…

It’s been 13 or 14 weeks now since I broke my foot (I’ve stopped counting, what’s the point, I’m moving forward and that’s all that matters).  I’m running again and savoring every moment.  I wouldn’t wish my misfortune on anyone but I also know it was part of my journey.  I believe we can create much of our own fate, but there is a lot (and I mean ALOT) of things that are just plain, out of our control.  I couldn’t control what happened to me during mile eight of the 2012 California International Marathon, but I could control how I handled the situation and learn from it so I can become a stronger, smarter, and better runner.  Isn’t that ultimately what we all want in our daily lives, to become better at what we do and what we love?

I’ve suffered more injuries than I can recount over the past 20 years I’ve been participating in sports, so I’m no stranger to the heartbreak and the road to recovery.  However, this injury, while one of the most traumatic and heartbreaking I’ve ever suffered, was also one of the easiest.  Why, you ask?  ATTITUDE!  Instead of sitting around saying, “why me” and feeling sorry for myself, I surrounded myself with my support “team”, picked little goals and big goals for 2013 and focused on being in the present. 

I am lucky to have a coach that won’t allow me to dwell in the past or feel self-pity.  He made me focus on healing and coming back smart and conservatively and I believe that is why I healed faster than expected.  There are always going to be bumps or even mountains standing in the way between you and your goal, but it’s how you handle that bump or mountain that will determine if you are successful or not. 

My first running workout was today.  While it wasn’t anything long or grueling it was a step in the right direction both mentally and physically.  It showed me that I did create a better me during my time off from running.  I made the most of the situation by enjoying some quality downtime and rest for my body, working on my weaknesses and constantly working on my mental.  I believe injuries happen to make us better and it’s up to us to stand up to it and be better than the injury or let it destroy us or take a piece of us in the process.  Which path will you take?

Until next time…



  1. That’s awesome, Kristen! It must feel great to be actually running again. Also, l love your picture! Here’s to many more roads!

    • Thanks Diane! It feels GREAT to be back at it again! Following my dreams one step at a time! Thanks for following my journey!

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