Posted by: kzaitzruns | April 21, 2014

30 Days Of Gratitude…

As I sit here looking outside longing to go for a run in what is my favorite time of year, I feel sad that my body is not cooperating.  About a week ago my lower hamstring decided to cramp during the last fifteen minutes of my long run.  The cramp has since turned into tendonitis of the hamstring.  Pain with every bend of my knee.

I was on a roll, really feeling good, getting back to the basics with base training.  I was enjoying running for the pure sake of the sport and the peace it brings me.  It was just me and the trails.  While this niggle, that has come out of nowhere to temporarily sideline me, pisses me off, it also makes me appreciate all I do have in my life.  It’s easy when things do not go as planned to think about what is missing from your life or what you wish you had.  Yes, right now I wish I were running and that this injury didn’t exist… but it does and so I find it comforting to “be grateful”.  When I’m running and things in my life get challenging or bleak, running makes it manageable and it doesn’t hurt so bad.  So what happens when I’m not able to run?  Or what happens when I’m not able to run and other areas in my life often feel like a struggle?

I focus on what I’m thankful for.  While the other areas of my life may be good right now, not running can often put a cloud over everything else.  Hopefully I’ll be back running  before the next thirty days are up, but either way, it’s good to be grateful.  I’m embarking on a journey over the next 30 days where each day I’ll express my gratitude (what I’m thankful for that day).  I’ll be posting my “thanks” on my blog.  Hope you enjoy!

DAY ONE:  Today I’m grateful for my sister.  Through thick and thin our bond runs deep.  She is my secret keeper, my picker-upper, my partner in crime, and my longest friend.  We laugh (a lot) when we are together but also share tears.  We have created many memories over the years and built a mutual respect for one another.  She is beautiful, smart, and kind.  Today, I am grateful for my sister.

IMG_20140421_172742Always “hamming” it up!

IMG_20140421_172752There were fights but we never lost sight of our special bond.

IMG_20140421_172811No words for this picture!  Eating grapes from a doll tea party set…hmmm…Creative or dorky or both!?!

IMG_20140421_172900My sister being my maid-of-honor at my wedding.

Until tomorrow…



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