Posted by: kzaitzruns | April 25, 2014

30 Days – Day 5:

Today I’m thankful for the little things!  For me the little things are catching up with a teammate, getting Glacier Ice Cream with my dad/coach, watching the robin build it’s nest in our evergreen tree, and spending the afternoon with my husband.  I am grateful for those fun and delightful distractions!  They take my mind off of feeling sorry for myself.  They remind me what’s important in life and that my injury is only a bump in the road. 

I think of the millions of people in this world, some I’m very close to, who are fighting for their life or going through tough times much larger than an injury.  I also know many of those people find little things to be grateful for and that is why they are still fighting like hell to hang on in this world and make the most of it!  The little things are simple, pure and well… little, but they can make a big impact on our everyday life.  It’s like the little things in running, they make a huge difference between being successful and not. 

Today I challenge you to be grateful for the littlest of things!  See how many “little things” can make you feel blessed. 

Until tomorrow…



  1. Thanks for the moving/inspiring words of wisdom. You express these emotions so well. You really are helping me focus on being grateful!

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