Posted by: kzaitzruns | May 6, 2014

Day 16:

Today I’m grateful for the walk I had this morning.  I live across the street from open space and trails, one of my favorite places to run.  Since I’m still not running, I enjoy taking walks.  Last night with Justin and today alone.  I love the peacefulness and the beauty of the mountains.  There’s something comforting about being outside even if I’m not running.  I enjoy the walking (as much as any runner can enjoy walking, we’d much rather run places)! 

I’m thankful that I have no pain when walking (or in my case, speedwalking!) which, means I’m free to do that activity until my heart’s content.  I’m thankful for the process of healing both physically and mentally.  Injuries, as with other stressful life events can often be hard to overcome, but the human body is amazing and it will heal physically if you begin to heal mentally.  I’m thankful for the faith I have for the future, the hope I have for my healing and the dreams I have yet to reach (for they keep me motivated).  For this journey is mine and mine alone, but it is a journey to teach me to be stronger, faster, and better with every new day.  I embrace my life as it is today and am thankful for this day and all the days to come!

Until tomorrow…


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