Posted by: kzaitzruns | May 7, 2014

Day 17:

This grateful “journal”, I hope can inspire people to realize that even when clouds seem to be hanging over ones head, that there is always something to be grateful for.  It may be something as simple as being able to love, or breathe, or live another day, even if that day is filled with much sadness… and while those things are so simple they are often taken for granted and are the essence of life.

If I don’t inspire anyone, that’s okay too.  The purpose of this public blog of gratitude was for me to be accountable.  It’s easy when life is challenging to lack gratitude, instead being pissed off and angry.  It’s easy when things are going well to take moments, people, and things for granted.  This has allowed me, good day or bad, to really truly remember what’s important in life.  While running is super important in my life, it’s not the only thing.  Other aspects of my life create a reason to be grateful.  Today, for day 17 I’m going to list those which I’m grateful for since I’m having a hard time just picking one:

~ I’m grateful for today’s afternoon rain, I love the smell of rain and the feeling in the air.  I love the scent of the air during and after the rain.

~ I’m grateful for today’s 90-minute spin session that got me sweating like I was doing a running workout.  Sweating is like a detox for the body and the mind and I’m so grateful for being able to do that interval session without pain.

~ I’m grateful for lunch with my mom at one of our favorite restaurants.

~ I’m grateful for another day here on this earth to better myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

~ I’m grateful for another great Pilates session with my amazing instructor, Pat Guyton!  She’s become a good friend and she’s always been a rockin’ Pilates instructor. 

~ I’m grateful for the comfort of my home to come home to and wake up in everyday. 

~ I’m grateful for my amazing husband that supports me no matter what!

Today I’m grateful for so much, all of the above and more.  I will end saying, “how long can you make your gratitude list today?”

Until tomorrow…


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