Posted by: kzaitzruns | May 11, 2014

Day 21: happy mother’s day

I woke up this morning at 1 am and knew I was in trouble! I spent the night on the bathroom floor with more puking than sleeping and am now under a pile of blankets on our couch.

So much for the Mother’s Day dinner we had planned for my mom! Total bummer. I already appreciate my mom on a daily basis and am so grateful for her love, encouragement and life lessons. However, being sick makes me appreciate all the times she held my hair back, made me a bed on the couch, brought me flat ginger ale and so much more. Even at 33 I still want my mom when I’m sick and I still appreciate her advice and loving words.

Since I’m 33 and married, my husband has now stepped up. He has showed me what a great dad he’ll make someday. He’s gotten me everything I need, from blankets to chicken noodle soup (although right now Ginger Ale won’t even stay down).  I’m grateful today for my wonderful mother and my amazing husband.

However, I also want to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in my life. A special shout out to my mother-in-law, Diane, my grandma Baba, and Justin’s grandma’s (Shirley and Edith).

Until tomorrow…



  1. I have enjoyed every moment as your mother!

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