Posted by: kzaitzruns | May 14, 2014

Day 24…

Today’s post is a bit late, it was a very busy but good day.  I’m grateful today for so many reasons but I’m most thankful for a healthy household.  After five days of the stomach bug in the Zaitz household I can finally say we are on the mend.  I started to feel more like myself yesterday and while my stomach still rumbles in ways I didn’t think it could, I know I’m in the clear! 

Other points of gratitude today (as you’ll see this blog is a bit random, but nonetheless shows my gratitude today):

I’m thankful for lunch with my mom today, always a wonderful mid-week treat! 

I’m thankful for my teammate and coach and all the laughs we share during our Wednesday evening core session!

I’m grateful for my family (as always) and for all the special comments family and friends leave on my blog!  I think you all are the only ones reading my blogs, but at least you like them (or you’re just being nice)!

I’m grateful for running pain-free again!  Yes, I know, you are thinking shouldn’t this be number one? While I’m ecstatic and feel more whole again, I’ve learned joy and gratitude doesn’t only come from running.  It’s amazing how many years I lived thinking I could only be truly happy if I were running.  Running is a big part of me and it’s what I do, but it’s not who I am!  I’m so grateful for the sport and all it’s given me and all it continues to bestow upon me.     

I’m grateful for life and all the ups and the downs, because they have made me the fighter I am today and I can honestly say that each day I am working to be better. 

I ask that anyone struggling right now to think of all that they are grateful for, it might make the tough times feel a little less dark, even if for only a brief moment.  The tough times will always be a part of our journeys, so if we can learn to ride those waves with more ease and less resistance, we can find a place of peace.

Until tomorrow…




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