Posted by: kzaitzruns | May 20, 2014

Day 29 or 30?!?

So after realizing that I had two days at #26, I’m at day 30, the final day, but that doesn’t seem right since I mislabeled my gratitude days. According to my title, yesterday was day 28 so I will continue on for today and tomorrow. Heck I’m having so much fun with this that I may continue on at random.

For day 29 or the real day 30 I’m grateful for hope, love, and my faith. Without these things I could not have gotten through any of the obstacles I’ve overcome in my life. Through each obstacle in my life it seems my hope becomes bigger, the love in my life richer and the faith in my life stronger! This injury, I had to have faith in someone bigger that there was a purpose and a reason. I have found the reason and believe it will truly lead me to a better place. I haven’t always been able to think this way, in fact only the last two injuries I’ve sustained have I finally reached this mindset. I used to fight adversity, and while I may start to in the beginning I begin to see the light and what a positive outlook, faith, love and hope will do for me. They will do much more for me than fighting something that is out of my control. Oh, if only I had learned this sooner!

encouragement quotes graphics love hope faith (66)

Life is a journey and the destination should be enjoying the journey, having hope for the future, love in the NOW, and faith in yourself and your dreams! I am grateful today and everyday for the hope, love and faith in my life. I hope no matter what life throws my way that I will always hold onto these three things that will get me thru to the other side!

Until tomorrow…



  1. Nicely said! A good message for us all to learn and live by.

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