Posted by: kzaitzruns | August 20, 2014

You may fall, but make sure to keep getting up!


I found this picture online (thanks to and it sums up my belief about running and about life.  I cannot complain because I live a great life with amazing people who support, challenge, love, and encourage me.  However, when it comes to getting what I want, I’ve always had to work hard for it.  I’ve failed more times than I can count, but those failures have gotten me that much closer to success.  My path has never been a straight line but instead one with high peaks and very low valleys.  Through all this, I’ve often been asked why I continue to run… to them I answer, “why not?”  I know what I am capable of and I believe through hard, smart work and never giving up I will reach my goals.  Until then, I’m continuing on the never ending journey called life!

Not only in running is it about getting up when you are knocked down, but this pertains to life too.  I won’t lie, I was always a glass half empty kind of girl, but through my many hardships and heartbreak, I have learned that life NEEDS to be looked at with the glass half full.  It is much more enjoyable and obstacles are easier to hurdle with this mentality.  I won’t say it was an easy outlook to take on, but it has allowed me to be a better version of myself and for that I am grateful.  At the end of the day isn’t it about being better than the day before, for yourself and for those in your life that you love?

Ask yourself, what was the last challenge you had to overcome?  Did you overcome it with a positive attitude and a smile or a gloomy outlook that just made life look worse?  If you chose the latter, next time choose the former and see if that makes a difference.  Obstacles are always a part of life but it’s how you handle those obstacles that determine your life!  It’s all about choices and you have a choice!

May you go forward with a positive outlook, a smile on your face, and determination like no other!

Until next time…



  1. So much truth to what you said! I

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