Posted by: kzaitzruns | September 22, 2014

The journey to Sacramento…

I was asked last week to post a little insight into what my road to Sacramento looks like…

On December 7th, I will toe the line at the California International Marathon in Sacramento, California (  It will be my third time toeing the line.  The first year, I broke my foot unexpectedly during the race  and running with the lead group nonetheless.  Year two, I ran a personal best  and Olympic Marathon Trials standard, but was shy of my initial goal going into the race.  So year three, I’m going to be back at the starting line and the future is yet unwritten.  It’s my job to prepare myself with the guidance of my coach,  to the best of my ability both mentally and physically.  Third times a charm, right?

A little something about my week and my training:

My coach, who was also my high school coach back in the 90’s, has worked with me long enough that he knows what I need.  As I’ve gotten older we focus more on recovery.  I now do workouts every four days and I’m on a three week cycle with the third work being a lower volume week.  There are different workouts that we cycle through and they change slightly throughout depending on what week we are in.  This week I will be doing a prescribed fartlek to work on changing efforts during a race.  It’s a medium length run with lots of speed change during that time frame.  Later in the week I will do my hill workout, which works race simulation hill strength.  It’s a continual effort over a hilly course.

While every third Sunday is a simulation run (simulating my race plan for the marathon), this Sunday is time on feet.  Everything we do is minutes versus miles, except for some of the workouts.

Every workout we do has a specific goal in mind that carries over to my goals for the marathon.  My volume is continuing to get higher and will stay high until we start our taper before the race.

As a coach myself (, I like the idea of working the objectives that will best serve you in a race.   Don’t just do a workout because it’s a “cool” workout or your favorite workout.  Often the workouts that are our least favorite or the most challenging ones, are the workouts that will help us achieve our goals.  Focus on what you want out of the race, where you’ve struggled in the past, and what it will take to achieve your goals in the race.  Those are the things you work on most!  The marathon is very much aerobic, so build your base first.  You shouldn’t just start building mileage during your marathon build-up if you’ve never hit that mileage before, that’s a recipe for injury.

I wish you all luck on your journey to CIM!  Remember, there are many ways to be successful, there is no one coaching program that is THE program.  It’s finding what works for you, believing in it and believing in yourself.  See you all in Sacramento!  I’m the girl in the awesome neon yellow Brooks kit (!

Until next time…


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