Posted by: kzaitzruns | January 5, 2015

One, two, three… “GO”, ElliptiGO that is!

Since my 5-minute personal best at the California International Marathon, I have been asked a lot about what I did differently during this marathon phase versus past marathon phases. While there are many factors that played a part towards my 2:32:48 marathon time, I tell people, “recovery”.

Recovery is often overlooked and the older we get as athletes the more important recovery is. My recovery days between workouts was increased this cycle, along with using the anit-gravity treadmill (known as the Alter-G), sleeping more, and cross-training more! You can train hard all you want, but if you don’t recover you do not absorb the training.

This brings me to the real reason for writing this blog. People often ask me about my ElliptiGO, how I incorporate it into my training, the benefits of the GO versus running, and how I used it during my build-up to C.I.M. Before my GO I was confined to my spin bike, looking out the window longing to be outside (not to mention my butt aching by the time I got off the bike). With the GO I was able to take my recovery sessions outside and have fun! I didn’t know cross-training could be fun until I got the GO. I was lucky that Colorado had a very mild fall and I was able to use it for most of my second sessions. While I would still put in a few second runs per week the GO allowed me to shake-out my legs after a hard workout without causing more stress to the body. All of my workouts were between 20-27 miles so the thought of going for another run seemed almost impossible. I know many athletes that do this and it works for them but it’s not for me. I NEED the shake-out but not the pounding that running induces. The ElliptiGO mimics the running motion, therefore being very close to running but without the pounding. It is perfect for me, someone who gets injured if I do not get enough recovery.

Using the GO was a fun way to mix-up my training and keep it interesting. Marathon training can get very monotonous so I believe it’s important to keep it fun! You want to be tired at the end of every day but not left feeling “destroyed”. This has been the difference between the first seven marathons I have done and the one I ran December 7th, 2014. I used the ElliptiGO easy in the afternoons, while I would feel my heart rate get higher than on the bike, I kept the resistance easy. My coach only wanted me to use it for a shakeout, which, gets the blood flowing again and rids my legs of lactic acid leaving them fresher the next day. You can, however, use the GO for workouts when injured or to gain fitness. It’s easy to do interval, tempo or hill training on it. This winter it is set-up on a trainer in my basement so I can continue to take advantage of it’s impact-free workouts despite all the snow, ice and cold temps!

The above photos show the full stride you can get on the GO!

While there are many factors that play a part in success, mine focused on recovery.  The recovery in part left me more mentally sharp and able to handle workouts better, adapt quicker, and feel healthy at the start line (and the finish)!  I am very thankful to be a part of the ElliptiGO family and look forward to using it to reach more goals!

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  1. We agree… an EliptiGO is awesome and so versatile! As you know, Kent and I each love our EliptiGO, too! I credit the almost 1000 miles I’ve ridden on mine since getting it mid-July 2014 as rehabbing my knee from surgery. Did I mention how FUN to ride an EliptiGO is?!! Glad you find it so valuable, too! I know Justin also prefers accompanying you on training runs on the EliptiGO rather than his bike, as it provides a much better workout for him, too. It’s a great way for you to be out together. Enjoy!

    • Thanks Diane! I’m lucky to have one, now if only Justin & I had two so we could ALL GO together;-) make it a family affair & I’ll still get my workout in! How fun!

  2. Yes, that would be wonderful! It’s amazing to me how many people express interest and stop us to ask questions when we are out riding. Think how much curiosity would be generated if we were out riding with our EliptiGO “fleet”! Of course, Tucker and Kodi will want Kent to pull them behind in their Burley! We’ll get Elizabeth to come on her EliptiGO, too. I know John was hoping Santa might bring him one, too! Here’s to fun and healthy riding and training!

  3. Congrats on your strong qualifier and PR at CIM! I can’t agree more with your comments about ElliptiGo. I too ran a 5:29 PR(-20 min BQ) at CIM, my 4th PR since I started integrating the ElliptiGo 6/13. It allows stronger base-building for those who can’t handle super high running volume but also adds strength for speed. Good luck at Trials!

    • Thanks John for sharing your story and congrats by the way! Love hearing how others reach their goals and love that yours involved the GO! Keep it up!

    • Congratulations John! That’s fantastic! Yes, the GO is such a great tool to build fitness and prevent injury while doing it! Good luck with your future races! Run happy and God speed!

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