Posted by: kzaitzruns | September 16, 2015

Ups, downs, & consistency…

The last month has had some ups and downs but through it all my training has at least been consistent.  I am enjoying being aerobically fit after almost 12 weeks of base training.  A death in the family (yes, sad to say my amazing aunt finally lost her 11 year battle with cancer), a fall off of concrete steps, some good workouts, fun times with family friends and alas…just plugging away at my training, all lead to “real” training next week.  I look forward to the change. My mind and body are ready.

Follow me on my journey over the next five months as I train for the Olympic Marathon Trials. It may not be easy, it may not be pretty, but it’s my dream and I know damn well it’s what I’m meant to be doing!

Below are pics from the last couple of months, everyday life and training!


Post-workout photo! Our competitors, also our friends, can help push us to make us better! (L-R Neely Spence Gracey, Me, Kara Goucher, Kristin Swisher).


Boston Public Gardens after the beautiful ceremony held in my aunt’s honor. Family is important. Embrace them, make memories, laugh a lot and always love each other.


Physiology testing at the new CU Sports Performance Facility earlier in the month.  It’s an honor working with Ignio San Millan. To reach your goals you must be willing to do what it takes!


Most important part of training…recovery! I like to incorporate the Anti-gravity treadmill once a week as injury prevention.  You can train hard, but if your body doesn’t recover it won’t adapt to the training.


Practicing marathon nutrition because you can never practice it enough.  Thanks to Polar Bottle I can practice with bottles that keep my fluids cooler &   look cool!  The Olympic motif remind me daily of my goals!

Thanks for all the support!  Until next time…


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