Posted by: kzaitzruns | October 21, 2015

What’s in my running bag?

People often ask me what my must-haves are in my running bag.  Today I’m going to share that with you.  There’s nothing worse then showing up for a run, a workout or a race and not having what you need! 


My Brooks bag is big, so it’s great,  it means I can carry everything I need. First, I NEVER run without my sunglasses (unless it’s dark or raining). My go-to pair is Zeal Optics Range in white.  It’s important to protect your eyes from the sun, the wind and other elements. I’ve been using glasses to run since 1999 and these are my favorites yet!


I’ve forgotten recovery nutrition more often then not, so now I keep extra bottles from Polar Bottle in my bag to put my First Endurance recovery drink in.  Recovery is so important and it is important to get the proper nutrition in within 30 minutes of working out! This ensures I get the proper nutrtion even when I leave the house without pre-making my bottle.



(These to-go packs are great to keep in your bag or take to races.)

I sweat alot so it’s important I have electrolytes with me at all times.  So my purse and my running bag always have a tube of nuun. My favorite at the moment is citrus fruit!


You will only see me without my chapstick if I’ve forgotten it, that is why there is always a stick of Burt’s Bee in my running bag.  Colorado is dry so it’s especially impotant for keeping the dryness away.  I also carry an SPF one.


Extra socks are a must and for cooler days I always keep gloves, a head band and arm warmers in my bag in case the weather is cooler than I anticipated. Better to be prepared and not need them, then to freeze!


(My favorite Brooks socks)


These are my must-haves along with deodorant, body wipes, Tiger Balm (to warm your muscles up), and a towel. You never know when you will need or want to run errands after a run, so it’s better to be prepared! Maybe it’s just my OCD personality that makes me so prepared, but I tell you, if you keep your bag packed with all your faves you will feel better going into every training session!

Until next time…



  1. Wow Ted, I’m sorry you & your family feel that way. I love coming to Austin, have always loved the people, the city, and enjoy that the races allow me to give back to the sport by going to a local school each year. This year I was using the race as a tune-up for the Olympic Trials so my race plan was to execute a certain pace and not go all-out. I knew if I went all out I wouldn’t recover in time. I’m sorry you don’t understand that about the sport of pro running. I know not everyone will like me but I know I am not an egocentric individual, just ask anyone who knows me. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions even if they don’t even know the person.

    • Not sure where the initial comment went from a Ted Hackett, this is in response to him saying my interview after my win in Austin was pathetic and I’m egocentric because I said I won at 75% effort. He said I’m an embarrassment to US runners.

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