Posted by: kzaitzruns | January 25, 2016

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders & the 3M Half…

It’s great to go to a race and win, because ultimately that is why we race, to be our best and to be the best at the sport. However, this past weekend was about much more then just a race.  I had the privilege, pleasure and honor to visit the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders. I got a campus tour before talking to the young girls, 6th-12th grade runners. After a Q&A, a mile run around the track with them, and some pictures, it is safe to say that while I was there to inspire those girls they ended up inspiring me! What a great group of polite, motivated, enthusiastic and smart girls. I believe if all our young girls in the country emulated them we would not be facing so many problems with our teens in today’s society.

I had the pleasure of being around the amazing group of people that make 3M Half Marathon happen.  Christina Yamanaka (race director), John Conley (previous race director and elite coordinator), Russell Bridges (representing 3M) and other volunteers are all part of my Austin family, whom I’m very blessed to know.  Their hard work and dedication make it possible for me to follow my dreams and do what I love for a living.  I’ve been lucky enough to race in Austin in 2014, 2015, and now 2016, so their once unfamiliar faces have turned into faces of friends.  The city is super supportive and the running community in Austin is energetic and motivating. I cherish moments like this weekend where I get to be a part of something greater within our sport! 


Running with the girls from Ann Richards. It’s so easy to smile when you are surrounded by this great energy!



Crossing the finish line for the win!


Without amazing volunteers, like Alisa, this race wouldn’t go on.  They often don’t get the credit they deserve. It takes an army…


After my speech at Ann Richards. Great group of girls!  My advice to them, “Don’t be afraid to fail. ”


Running solo. PC: Michelle Perez Hittner


I’ve never been on tv, glad Christina was up their with me. Thank you Austin for caring about the sport of distance running.


Until next time…



  1. Wonderful experience! That’s Texas for ya! So proud of you! Raymond and Gail

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    • Thanks so much! Look forward to seeing ya’ll next month! Thankful for your support!

  2. Wow! Very cool. What a great experience for everyone! I’m sure the girls were thrilled and inspired. Your involvement and mentoring makes the event and your participation all the more meaningful and special. Love all the pictures of smiles and determination! Hope you enjoyed being a TV celeb. 🙂 Congrats on your win on all levels!

    • Thanks Diane! It was fun and I felt honored to do it all!

  3. Proud of you on many levels. I know you love your sport and it is so unselfish of you to share that love on a busy race week-end.

    • Thanks mom! You taught by example with your selflessness.

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