Kristen’s Coaching Services

Looking for a passionate, caring, and knowledgeable coach?  I am an elite distance runner with an intense passion and vast knowledge for the sport.  I have qualified to three Olympic Marathon Trials and represented the USA in a World Championship.  I have decided to carry that passion and years of knowledge and experience over to coaching.  I have coached individual high school athletes as well as high school teams and have found that the feeling of helping others achieve their goals is unlike any other. With a major in sports organization and a minor in coaching from Miami University (Ohio) and a Level 1 Track and Field Certification, it is only natural for me to begin a coaching service of my own.  My years of experience as a coach and an athlete has given me knowledge and experience.  My goal is to help others achieve their goals.  Whether one’s goals are fitness oriented, weight loss driven, to run PR’s, or to just have a guided program, my services are for you! I offer two tiers of coaching with other services on the side.

Services I offer:

TIER 1: Online coaching.  Whether you are near or far, I provide an individualized online training program for you, the client.   This will include access to the weekly group run in Broomfield and Westminster if you live in the area as well as an initial phone or email consultation to go over your fitness history, goals, etc. This program includes a monthly phone call or email where we discuss training, goals, or any questions you may have.  This program is great for people who do not need much motivating but rather a program to follow.  It is also for those on a budget!   Cost: $75 per month/ Cost for more than one month of training gets you 10% off.

TIER 2: In-person coaching includes a group run once a week in Broomfield and Westminster, Colorado.   This program also includes a detailed training program emailed to you, as well as the opportunity to have me at specific workouts.  You will also receive unlimited email and phone correspondence throughout the month.  This service is ideal for people who need more interaction with their coach.  Cost: $130 per month / Cost for more than one month of training gets you 10% off.

SIDE 1:  Nutritional analysis: This includes an hour-long meeting that will look at your nutrition.  For this meeting I ask that you log what you’re eating and drinking (including water) for seven days.  This will give me a base point.  In this meeting we will look at your goals, as well as your current nutrition and where we can make some changes to reach your nutritional goals.  I will also provide creative recipes and meal suggestions if desired.  Cost: $60 per session / Follow-up half-hour meetings cost: $25

SIDE 2:  Core/Strength session: This includes a half-hour long session on the how-to’s of core and strength work.  Not only will you get a workout during this 30 minute session but you will also be given handouts on these exercises that you can do at home.  I also offer a 3-pack for those that want to learn more, do the workouts with me there or need more time to learn the exercises.  The 3-pack costs: $80.  Otherwise, one 30-minute session is $30.

SIDE 3: Running form session: This is a half-hour long session that focuses on your running form.  Over the years I have worked to correct my own over striding and how I carry my arms to help me run even faster!  I will give you exercises and techniques that will make you more efficient when you run.  One 30-minute session is: $30 or I offer a 3-pack for $80.  The 3-pack will allow me to assess your improvement and make any changes to your homework and workout routine.

SIDE 4: Weekly evening group run starting in Broomfield or Westminster.  It’s a run varying in distance depending on ability (usually 3-6 miles on trail but can be more or less.  Walkers are welcome).  Free to tier 1 or 2 members and just $5 for drop-ins.  Run details TBA.

Please send any questions to me at  If you are interested in the above services please send me a detailed email so we can set-up a time to talk.



  1. Kristen,
    Your coaching service looks impressive and valuable. You have so much experience and knowledge in all facets of running. Plus you have a great attitude and work ethic that makes you a natural as a coach! Best wishes!

  2. Thanks Diane! Spread the word if there’s anyone you know of that would want me as their coach. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

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