Coach:  Craig Sherman
Agent:  Self
                                                                Sponsor:  Brooks


Miami University (Ohio)      Track & Field/ XC

Road Racing PR’s

5k:                          16:53     (1st) (Altitude) 2007 Metro State 5k (Denver, CO)

4-mile:                    22:28     (3rd) (Altitude) 2010 Fort Collins Turkey Trot (Fort Collins, CO)

10k:                        33:26     (11th) 2012 Tufts 10k/ US 10k Championships (Boston, MA)

7-mile:                    39:19     (11th) 2009 Bix-7/ US 7-mile Championships (Davenport, IA)

15k:                        51:39     (11th) 2009 Gate River Run/ US 15k Championships (Jacksonville, FL)

10-mile:                 54:55     (7th) 2012 Medtronic TC 10-mile/ US 10-mile Championships (Minneapolis, MN)

20k:                    1:09:56      (8th) 2010 Stratton Faxon New Haven 20k/ US 20k Championships (New Haven, CT)

25k:                    1:28:30      (9th) 2012 Fifth-Third 25k/ US 25k Championships (Grand Rapids, MI)

½ Marathon:    1:12:57      (1st) 2007 Eugene Half Marathon (Eugene, OR)

Marathon:        2:32:48      (3rd) 2014 California International Marathon (Sacramento, CA)

National Highlights

8th 2013 US 20k Championships (1:11:47)

13th 2013 US Half Marathon Championships (1:13:50)

7th 2012 US 10-mile Championships (54:55)

9th 2012 US 25k Championships (1:28:30)

9th 2011 US 10k Championships (34:36)

10th 2011 US 10-mile Championships (55:39)

4th 2011 US 25k Championships (1:29:16)

10th 2010 US 10-mile Championships (56:05)

8th 2010 US 20k Championships (1:09:52)

8th 2008 US 20k Championships (1:10:34)

World Highlights

39th 2010 World ½ Marathon Championships

Other Highlights

3rd 2015 Big Sur Half Marathon (1:13:02)

2015 United New York City Half Marathon (1:13:20)

1st 2015 Austin Half Marathon (1:14:22 *course record)

3rd 2014 Big Sur Half Marathon (1:14:37)

1st 2014 Austin Half Marathon (1:15:02 *course record)

4th 2013 B.A.A Half Marathon (Boston, MA) (1:13:12)

1st 2013 Evergreen Colorado Championship 10k (altitude) (33:37)

1st 2013 Colorado Grand Prix 10k (altitude) (34:03)

2008, 2012, and 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier



  1. I thought this quote was very applicable “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – Thomas Jefferson

    • Great quote for sure! Thanks for sharing! Keep them coming.

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